Monday, September 12, 2011

200k - high country brevet

it was time once again for the the 200k high country brevet. john and i did this one last year for the first time and enjoyed it so much we opted to go again. weather reports prior to the ride spoke of rain and storms but we figured it was better than riding in the 110 degree stuff we have been all summer. we were right and the weather cooperated for the most part.

start out riding into the rising sun

starting out relatively low

somewhere around here some random old dude (who wasn't doing the brevet) on a squeaky le monde an absolute jersey, no helmet and a few teeth missing slowed up to chat. i couldn't understand most of what he said and eventually he pedaled off leaving us in his dust. funny stuff.

late breakfast in springerville

snacks leaving greer

i forget how long the climb is out of greer to the turn off for sunrise. just as i was about top reach the top i was greeted with a painful hail storm #1 and john with a flat.

the road to sunrise was paved this year which was really nice.

hiding from hail storm #2. shortly after this i got bit/stung by something (an ant i think) on my leg under my shorts. not fun and now on antibiotics.

the ride from sunrise back to show low was fast with a few quick stops

 we wrapped it up in 10 hours total and headed to payson for steaks and a martini. good times.

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big jonny said...

You guys are ballers.