Monday, January 16, 2006

like whoa

AZT part deux this weekend.
Me and the treehugger hit the trail starting at the tiger mine trailhead near oracle. plan was to ride to the gila but a late start and an ass kicking by the first section put that plan to rest. we ended up ditching the trail the last few miles for a dirt road cuz the sun went down. so we rode the road in the dark. we were both fried and wanted to get to the water we cached. my faith in humaity was reestablished when the first vehicle we saw slowed enough to say "yer gonna git runed over". the next few cars didn't even slow.
we could have filled up at one of the two windmills we passed but it was just one of those things. needed to get there. that section will kick your ass. we missed hitting the purty trail section but we're already plotting our return. we rode willow springs back to the real road and hauled ass thanks to a wind we battled all day. it hooked us up in the end. 60+ miles and 5K+ climbing doesn't really convey how hard this section was. good stuff. i love the azt.

That fucking pipeline road......ow

and those damn washes

a job well done


Gordo said...

THAT ... was the ... SHIT. I still savor the ramen.

Yuri said...

agreed - that was indeed the shit and the best fucking ramen ever.

Tim Wise said...

Nice! I need to get down there to ride that soon. Looks like fun.

-gary said...

oh, snap! you guys are f-ed up!

Olaf Vanderhoot said...

where did you shower?

Yuri said...

ever seen a dog roll in the dirt?