Friday, January 13, 2006

margachimi ride

with a side of meth please.
the bush pusher was up from the oldp
so, good time for margachimi ride.

someone said time for margachimi
so it was a race back

and the meth house saga continues.
yesterday the owner decides to paint the red brick, blue.
with his bare hands. then today he flips out on the guys who
are renovating (musta got one helluve deal) the house next door
and smashes a block wall with a sledge
cops come
man resists
taser is used
cuffs are applied
i'm so pissed i missed it.
maybe this will help end this shit.

well the house on the other side sold so why not this one?

aw. it ain't all bad



iconoclasst said...

Bastard! I want those hubs!

Looks like you have one more than you truly need, so if you feel like dumping, say, the one on the left of the pic, I'm pretty sure I could find a nice home for it.

You're not the dude who won the 50 pairs in that charity donation contest, are ya?

Yuri said...

if i won fity pw hubs i could move outta this ghetto.