Thursday, March 09, 2006

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not much bike content. my body has been all wacked out this week. i think its the pristene phoenix air.
now on to politics.
i'm at my wits end with this administration and people that say "I like Bush, he wears jeans". Umm he also lies to the American people - time and time again, creates huge monetary giveaways to his cronies, spies on you and breaks the law doing it, is creating massive debt that results in foreigh banks owning more of us than you have any idea.
this is an empire on the decline, aw crap, you don't you?
here is some stuff

I did manage to ride my bike to work today and pick-up the munchkin from daycare with the burley. ride tomorrow night with the bushpusher and hopefuly sunday a road/gravel epic with travass and crew. need to switch the tires from the cross fixie.

ya gotta check this out
too bad it wasn't in BC
cuz it coulda looked like this
and no it's not me and it's not the US


Tim Wise said...

The war on drugs is the biggest waste of money,lives, and time. Let's try a different approach.
Yuri if i make it down that way in spring could you show me some of those choice trails?

Yuri said...

i'm not sure what this spring thing you speak of is but i'd be happy to show you around if you make it over this way.