Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mine all Mine

rode the mine country challenge put on by gaba
my original thought was to do the metric century since I had never done a century with other folks and I had to strip down the commuter for it.
i knew a friend of mine was a likely participant so I contacted him and
he advised tha i would be an
utter moron
to not do the century
that was only 93 miles
and 7k feet of climbing.
damn that was fun.

except for globe.
that was freaky.
be careful out there.

it was a great ride. the climb from
superior to globe had me jelly from climbing
i was happy to see something worth stopping for
and even caught a rider in the shot

as the ride progressed i found my stride
and caught up with some of the folks that left as soon
as they registered.
funny sky when i was driving up

scenic superior. kind of lik a small bisbee before the free spirits. and more rednecks.

snow on the climb to globe

if it can't be grown it must be mined.
course enviro. friendly mining is ideal.
not sure i'd be willing to live so close to so many open mines.

the scenery after globe was spectacular and the roads got better.
the tailwind however turned into a headwind that saw me out of the saddle for miles on a climb.

the downhills were stupid fun.


Jill said...

Great pictures. Must have been a beautiful ride.

Yuri said...

beautiful ride it was.
nice website.

john said...

I plan on doing the April 1st ride this coming weekend.

You mentioned in a post back in October how bike kulture sucks here in PHX. You couldn't be more correct. It looks like it may be getting better as looks to be more active.

I'm all down for BOB rides. I saw the photo of the Sonora Brewhouse/Brewer's Den. Hell yeah. I'm located off 7th St. and McDowell but I'm more than willing to ride to other parts of town.

Yuri said...

which april 1st ride? the cmphx one?
drop me a line a ybahti at hotmail dot com for the next BOB and other rides.