Monday, May 22, 2006



me and gary the waterboy left tempe around 7 and
rode over to south mtn. we had a rip roarin romp on desert classic on our way to
telegraph for a little hike a bike.
we saw the park rangers ushering out the rest of the car traffic so
we knew we'd have clean air on the road so we killed our lights and rode
by the ambient city light. it was pretty cool and we had a little tailwind so we were at buena vista before we knew it. then we tore ass down the mtn.
30 miles, 2k+ feet climbing and three hours turning pedals.
good stuff. one of the better night rides i've been on tho not much room for error and mechanicals.


john said...

Looks like a good time...sorry I missed it. Instead I was at a White Trash theme party. There was beer so it wasn't too bad.

Did you come down Mormon at night? I've yet to do that. I find it difficult and crashworthy (the waterfall) even in daylight.

Yuri said...

i wussed on the waterfall but yea we came down national to mormon since we weren't sure how much burn time we had left we skipped lower nat'l