Monday, June 19, 2006

Flag to the Canyon

Back in the late 1890s (no, that’s not a typo) members of the Coconino Cycling Club rode the Moqui Stage Route in eight to twelve hours—on singlespeeds

conceived after the whiskey off road
gnome and i plotted and schemed.
ride bikes from just north of flagstaff to the GC.
i did this one last year solo and it did a number on me.
this year wasn't much different.
last year was mud.
this year was a broken seat rail and low water supplies.
a good old fashioned beat down.
83 miles of some of the most scenic stuff in az.

we stayed in the shire

the dinner of champions

the singles ready to go

yes. yes i have

rally the troops and get yer buzz on

time to turn them pedals

dc joined the fray for the 1st bit

the fray

watch the peaks disappear

time to descend into babbit ranch

todd loves horsies

and at about 26 miles in, something bad happened

i heard a "ping". solutions were proposed.
water bottle cages were sacraficed.
fabrication began.
and what was the final solution?
zip ties, duct tape, an allen wrench
and a disproportionate time keeping my ass outta the saddle.
it lasted the next 50 miles

babbit ranch is big

too many flats

we made it to the moqui stage stop

the old cistern

g-donk, do you know your helmet is always crooked?

the water in russel tank has special properties

or maybe it was the smoked oysters

we filtered enough water to get us to grandview lookout

climbing them stairs after 70+ miles was fun.

donkey plays possum

can't beat having this view on the race back to the cooler

tired and happy

software oriented views
the beatdown is very stealth

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Anonymous said...

I'm missing out on that geography.