Thursday, September 14, 2006

i'm baaAAAACcck

well sorta.
cleared by the doc to road ride. gotta start slow but at least i can ride outside again.went to rage and got the volpe i haq decided upon. they even had my size in stock

i like the bike

this should fill my cross, road, commute, touring needs fer ser.
for awhile anyways.
my name is yuri, and i'm a gear junkie...
did i mention i can finaly touch my head with my left hand?


john said...

Glad to see you back on 2 wheels. I know you really, really wanted that recumbent tricycle. Really, some of my best friends ride recumbent...trikes.

Congrats on the new Volpe. I predict that now since you have a 'cross bike, the rest of the valley (i.e. mtbr az) will get one as well. Hell, I'm already on the bandwagon!

Yuri said...

yea, that recumbent was nice....
i blame gordon for the cross trend