Sunday, September 24, 2006

sierra prieta

went to preskett this morn.
ride a bike and pick-up a trail-a-bike
fer the munchkin. cross bikes was the order of the day again.
bombing dirt road made me wish i had brought my mtb.
shoulder is sore but i don't think i really hurt it.
i ran some pretty low pressure. gonna need to true those rims.
the republican did pretty well for only having a double and
gary had his ss.
glad i had a triple. some of those climbs were steep.
esp on 32s......das how we roll, triple-dubs...

gary's photos

and then ballet in the park this eve.
full day. fun day.


john said...

Looks like a good time. Wished I coulda done it...

john said...

Looks like it was hurtin' in that last photo of you. Damn climbs...

Yuri said...

the climbs was tasty. the descent hurt the ol war wound.
buen viaje next week yo. take pics.

john said...


I shall certainly try. Changed from a camping tour to a credit card/hotel/motel tour.

Rock the I-bike and keep an eye on those kidneys.