Sunday, January 14, 2007

the girl next door

we are blessed with mountains in the middle
of our urban area. everyone knows and loves south mtn.
it's cousin to the north is largely reviled. trail 100 is said with contempt.
but really it's great. taken for granted no doubt.
on tue nite i rode up shaw butte.
this morning i did a cold weather jaunt on the east side.
lotta horses out but you can generally expect them
to be some of the friendliest folks,
if you exercise some manners yourself.


Sean said...

Nice post, I love the preserves, including the T-100. Good call on Spokes too BTW, we hit that up after CG yesterday.

devin said...

I use to love trail 100 I lived 8 miles to the east and would ride twice a week so many loops some smooth and some to so smooth.. have fun,,

gnome said...

si. Bueno posto.