Saturday, January 13, 2007

when the city sleeps

another thu nite come and gone.
met up with the fellers at seamus'
i got there early and killed time eating a sandwich
and watching this unfold.
we had to contend with the helicopters
while we quaffed some guiness on the patio.
then it was off to somo for a night ascent.
but we remebered hearing about spokes.
a bike oriented restaurant at central and dobbins.
so naturally we detoured.
ate some food. quaffed some more brew.
very cool place. check it out.
then it was up to dobbins point with full bellies.
the treehugger found his groove and went all the way up
snapping his chain en route.
the descent was a freaky good time.
then over to tempe stopping long enough for 3 flats
and me to crash near the az mills.
brief layover in tempe and a tailwind
inspired race back to phoenix.
a great night.

pics pilfered from the treehugger

damn my wrist is sore. at least i didn't jack my shoulder.
kind of a relief to finally crash after surgery.

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