Monday, May 28, 2007

up north

with the rest of the valley this weekend.
went up friday and got in a little
leg stretcher up weatherford before
anyone else showed.
saturday was a nice looong 21 miler
that started with 13 people and ended
with 11 folks and i think only two flats.
the weather was awesome the whole time.
can't ask for much more.

jeffro's rally school

superfund waiting to happen

henry was not pleased

john carbo loads for the ride

the airing of the grievances

fly little sunscreen, fly! be free!

meeting adjourned. freakin japanese touristas.

the man, and woman, were quite friendly.


gravity issues.


spare some change?


devin said...

OHHHHHH one of my favorite places in the world to ride a mountain bike.

have fun.........

Sean said...

Well, I'm officially jealous. Even If I could get away from packing, my only road worthy vehicle right now is me powered.