Wednesday, June 06, 2007

bring out the gimp

ok so the knee isn't gimp bad yet but
i've been backing off the riding a bit
in an attempt at rehab.
frozen water in paper dixie cups
are the shizzle for inflammation.
waaay better than ice packs.
instead of riding i've been occupying time
doing things like remodeling.
ok. i guess it is fun.
i do love me some demolition.

dig the decor

hey look, random memory lane
my first "endurance ride" and where
i first met mr blackwell

got new housing and hardware.
seems the rear brake on the niner
is working again. got a little dicey at
the whiskey with no rear.
so out for a shakedown ride.
held up fine. even better than before.

kent did a nice ride that reminds me
of our urban overnighter.

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