Sunday, June 24, 2007

roller derby

went to go see the
arizona derby dames.
awesome time for sure. from the nick names
(hiedi salami) to the chick next to us screaming
"fuk her from behind" and sure enough
on one of the take downs the blocker
had her way with her beyotch.
then there was the wedgie.
good times.

the gals had a good time

it was on like flan

i was motivated...

chuck was our favorite

changed up the crosser

i'm thinking a small ride is in order for tomorrow.

new yoga pose?


Sean said...

Nice roller derby shots.

You gonna get better braking out of those new rims and levers?

Yuri said...

the braking improved x 10

Sean said...

Looks like I got some keeping up to do, stock brakes are downright scary in the wet.

Yuri said...

i still actually have the same brakes on. if yours had lots of extra cable and housing like mine did, cutting that down helped alot too.

Anonymous said...