Wednesday, June 13, 2007

bike riding

none of this for me.
i must try heal my knee.
but i will drink beer.

so i'm going to try to limit my riding
in an attempt to heal my knee.
i apologize in advance for whatever i post
in the interim.

did ya see grande juande changed it up?
i dig.

kaibab monstercross this weekend.
i'm sad to miss it but i expect
good field reports.

maybe i can compensate with the azt300
in the spring of 08.


Sean said...

Get that knee healed up real soon. The cooler weather of fall is just around the corner and I'm expecting to ride the desert vicariously through you.

Dave said...

Knee problems SUCK! Take care of it, be proactive, and life will get better.

We'll drink a beer for ya this weekend.