Tuesday, June 26, 2007

a ride

took the new incarnation of the volpe out today for a short ride. kick ass, i love it.
the knee felt better at the end of the ride than it did at the beginning.
acupuncture, new physical therapy stuffs, weird herbal pills, msm w/chondrotin and glucoasmine, gonna line up some stretching therapy. something has to work, or something has to give but giving up riding for a few weeks was not fun. just ask the family. so all the above and no HUGE rides and things should improve.

i spent the time refining my idea fer the race.
race? yes, race.
those of us over at allbikes have been kicking around ideas and i think i have a
kick ass route. prologue from mi casa to a certain mtn range 4 miles north and
other things to wrap-up 100ish miles of single track, canal ,dbl track and minimal road for a
killa day on the bike. sometime this winter.


Dave said...

Race?! Sounds good.

What's wrong with the knee? I've had spotty IT band troubles for a couple years, that've finally escalated enough for me look at a gym membership. Strengthing those "other" muscles is the only thing thats worked in the past.

Yuri said...

tendinitis issues....
the strengthening other muscles is in the mix now, seems to be helping but as i'm sure you know there is no quick fix.
i've had this idea for the race kicking around in my head for some time and i figure time to give it a whirl.
i'm debating the level of exposure - i'm leaning towards this blog and word of mouth...

john said...

You're gonna wait until fall at least, right?

Yuri said...

oh fo sho.

Sean said...

I'm intrigued by your race, I'm a wuss living 1600 miles away now, but still intrigued. 100 miles you say, mostly canals I'm guessing. I've think I might know kinda where your headed.

Yuri said...

likely equal parts trail and canal