Sunday, September 09, 2007


der hammah and i went for a ride on saturdy.
the tone was set early as we rolled down central ave
through south phoenix.
the 5-o was rolling in the opposite
direction and i thought i detected an aberrant
siren or pa system. as they got closer i realized they
were rockin nine inch nails (closer) outta their pa in south phoenix at 6am.
kick ass.
they waved. we waived.
we laughed.
stuff like that only helps my opinion of cops.

evan sucks

telegraph pass

what? you want to hike up it?

trail huh?

just an excuse to catch my breath

i was happy fer me flattened top tube

that sucked.
not really.

zip down the mtn and back home via central
and the sonoran bikeway
almost 60 on the day. excluding hike.

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