Sunday, September 16, 2007

hobby horse

It was nice to do the old routine ride -
ride from home to the preserves for
some good old fashioned 1a, 8a other
lesser know trails and back. Good thing too
(for the lesser known trails that is)
cuz it was busy
when I met ze hammah at ze parking lot.
My legs felt like lead on the ride over but the sky was nice.

Oh, haro Mary.

Great light and cloud cover.

This is what John thinks of those Kenda tires.

Cheese grater.

Can you spot John in the tree?

As his friend is was my job to rush over
and take pictures.

And make sure he was OK.

Good thing that tree was there or we'd of had
an avalanche of one. Hammah yard sale.

We were getting ready to wrap up the ride anyways
and John did want new brakes.


john said...

I did like the foliage. A great change of pace from the rocks.

YuriB said...

You are the best, John.

john said...

Yes. Yes I am. Don't hate.