Monday, June 16, 2008

father's day

It was a good one this year. I started the day by laying in bed as long as I could take it.
After some futzing around the house I rode the tandem over to coach's house.

The switchbacks were interesting on the tandem.

Sunday bike build + father's day = beverages

The stoker kit went on fairly easily after my wife dropped off
the bottom bracket I left at home....

I borrowed Coach's kid to check the set-up.

Everything checked out so we headed off my in-laws
to find my stoker.

Coach and progeny.

Myself and progeny.

After a short shakedown ride it was time to hit the pool.

It was only the hottest day of the year so riding the 17 miles home
with boy sounded reasonable after proper precautions were followed.

We had a break or two but made it home in pretty good shape.
A glass of gatoraid and all was well with the word.
Being a dad rules.

1 comment:

Gordo said...

that is awesome. we rode to a park and chilled under a big shade for a few hours with cold beverages. nice day.