Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Utah - Slickrock Swamp and Secret Harris

Day 3 started off with rain.

We had a big day ahead. Fuel time.

The prick finds petrified wood.

Time to head over towards Slickrock Swap.

We originally thought about going to Thunder Mountain but with all the rain we decided to stick to the rock. Good choice.

We found this cool dwelling.


Off to the orchard for lunch.

After a respite at camp it was time for a 3 hour tour to find the Secret Harris Trail.

This is the last picture on a ride that had us wondering if we were all going to finish the ride OK. Three dead lights and one bonking rider made things interesting but everything worked out fine and we rode one damn fine trail.

One helluva trip.


Anonymous said...

ah very good.

YuriB said...

John was rockin it on that Siren