Monday, January 12, 2009

big agnes

I have heard good things about the Big Agnes air core pads. I picked one up at REI today.
It is a touch heavier than the Thermarest Ultra Light but packs smaller and inflates more.
We'll see how it fares on the urban overnighter at the end of the month, and more importantly we'll see how I fare.

A little bit longer too with the mummy shape.

Much thicker than the Thermarest. With any luck this will translate into additional comfort at a nominal weight penalty.

Nice ride with the family today too.


Anonymous said...

I've slept a few nights on one of them, and they are darned comfy... more so than my thermarest Guidelite.

But they seem to take more lungs-full to get up to sleeping thickness- to a point that it's hard to do when I'm really tired!

m e l i g r o s a said...

these are such cute awesome family bicycle pictures!!
and thanks for the camping info, cant wait til more of my friends use their vacation time ;)

reverend dick said...

Supposedly they are way better insulation, as well. I'm interested in your evaluation, when it comes around the mountain...