Sunday, January 25, 2009

bike and hike

With 7 hours to play I opted for a ride and hike to break in my new shoes and my feet.
Preparation for the may AZT ride is starting and with a rim to rim hike in the mix I figured now would be good time to start hiking and breaking in gear.

Some vagrant joined me for the ride.

A nice day brought out the vintage aircraft in droves.

A brief stop at the 40th St. trail head.

medicine wheel trail

I love how you can feel so hidden on this side of the preserves.

In reality you are in the middle of the city.

But back to the remote feeling.

Enough of two wheels it was time to break in the new shoes.

The irregular link seemed like a good way to access the circumference trail.

302 (Circumference Trail) links to the Summit Trail to Piestewa Peak for a bit and it was utter chaos. I picked up the pace to get outta there and paid for it a bit later.

much better

Yea, I smelled real nice by the end of the day.

Hammies getting tight.

Almost done.

A bunch of horse's asses blocking the trail.

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john said...

Looks exclusive. You should have seen the market! Insanity.