Sunday, September 27, 2009

bartlett lake

I got up at o'dark:thirty with some idea to ride around the McDowells or down to Lake Bartlett.

I hate riding Cave Creek Rd. even at 5am.

Cave Creek Bike Festival.

The breakfast of champions.

I decided on the Lake Bartlett option.

Once at the turn-off it's 12 miles down to LB and 12 miles back out.

So I did.

Almost a century, home before 1. Nice.


chollaball said...

68 mph max speed?

YuriB said...

Doubtful. More like 50.

devin said...

For me it was the old pima that I hated while all the work was being done on the what is now the old 101.

Nice photos making me want to get down to AZ