Monday, September 07, 2009

early bird

Up at 3:30 am. With the Coconino 250 looming on the horizon I felt the need to lay down a few miles than I normally would on Sunday (I'm still going to be out of shape).
I rode from home with some vague idea to meet up with an mtbr ride.

As I rode down Central Ave. I rode right past a scene that looked like it was about to be a felony stop.
I rode a little faster.
We've been getting some rain and it was muggy.

There was a line of cars at the entrance waiting for the gates to open. I chuckled as I rode past them all and made my way into the largest city park in the USA (over 16K acres).

I rode up to Buena Vista Lookout to join National trail.

I was sitting at the top of 24th St. waiting for the group ride when Gordon came around the corner.

He had an inclination to ride Corona Loma so I opted to join him.
So back up National to the split off.

Corona Loma is a nice techy diddy that drops you onto Desert Classic.

Not much room for error.

Prune hands.

I cheated and caught a ride home with Gordon.
32 miles and done by 8:30. Nice.

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