Wednesday, October 07, 2009

coconino loop couch surfing

Starting Friday 10/9 I will embark as the slowest contestant in a self-supported 250ish mile mountain bike race. My goal is simply to finish on Tuesday 10/13 or earlier.
This is like one of our AZT rides but no stove, hopefully a little faster, and lots of new trails and terrain. John has sponsored me with a bike I haven't had time to ride but it did mighty fine on our last AZT jaunt so I'm not worried (I cracked the frame on my SIR). And I did swap out the tires and tubes.
So if you feel like couch or chair surfing here are the pertinent links.

MTB Cast – You can hear our daily call-ins here.

Spot Cast – Watch us real-time overlaid on the course.

Thanks to the folks at MTBCast, trackleaders, AZES and TopoFusion for pulling this all together.

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Sean said...

Good luck and godspeed.