Saturday, October 24, 2009

movies and shakin

I think I've ridden twice since the Coconino 250.

Time to pay my dues.

We did have a nice ThNR that involved a viewing of the Race Across the Sky movie.
The movies sold out at our location but we ordered early and even got executive parking inside the theater. Thanks AMC Desert Ridge.
Bad audio mixing, bad music, a little too Lance heavy but some beautiful shots and a few decent stories and emphasis on the regular folks that are the heart of every race.
And I can certainly appreciate being able to see a movie about a mountain bike race in a chain theater. Any cycling publicity that amps up the general public and a few cyclists is always good is my book.

It was a nice 20ish miles to the show and the weather was perfect.

Had we know they were so lazier faire we would have snuck in adult beverages.
Maybe just as well as we skipped the panel stuff at the end and still didn't make it home until 11 ish.

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