Thursday, January 07, 2010

lest you think i've gone soft

I have.
Night ride on National with Jason was a wake up call.
Climbing was good.
Descending was terrible.
Going back on Sat for a make-up exam.

A good ride none the less.


ScottM said...

Bikepack gear! Shakedown for...?

Was it a contributor to you woes, or were you unencumbered?

YuriB said...

Nothing quite so glamorous. Just a realization that I used to ride sections of National on a hardtail with an 80mm fork up and down stuff I'm leery of today on a 5inch dbl. squish. It might be time to find my techy groove again. Gonna need pads.

chollaball said...

hahaahahah. my analysis was exactly opposite of yours. let's blame the bikes! fun ride thanks for the inspiration. A day ride in the next week would make me feel good about my climbing, i'm sure you're next descent will be equally improved!