Sunday, January 17, 2010

more non-trail 100

We originally thought about heading to SoMo but NoMo is so much closer and we can make a ride that approximates the climbing and some of the technical nature of SoMo.
No, really.
So Devo, Gordon and I headed out for an early morning ride.
We saw the Luna Chicks at the TH and discussed the logistics of luring them with my wasabi/sesame/chocolate.

We left Dreamy Draw and headed out for a Red Mtn in reverse.

We did some exploring. Blue dot trail looks like a great technical hiking trail.
We need to come back for a ThNR hike and bike and explore.

I wanted you to understand how long and steep this climb was, and make Gordon look bad.
Mission accomplished and the photo does no justice.
In his defense, Gordon didn't have a granny gear like Devo and me.

We eventually crossed back under the 51 and headed up 1a, down the cheese grater, cactus garden and over to sassy's ridge.
I wish we had the presence of mind to stop and take a few shots of the techy fun.
But we didn't.
Oh, well.

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