Monday, February 01, 2010

AZT Picketpost overnighter

aka: The Dale Shewalter Memorial Ride.

John, Gordon and I headed out to ride the AZT from Picketpost Mtn.
We have ridden from here once before and the AZT routing was different then.
I have always wanted to go back and ride out to the wilderness boundary at White Canyon rather than hook a right to get to the box canyon.
And that is exactly what we did.

It's going to be a good spring for wild flowers.
This ride will be awesome in a month.

The RIP9 fully loaded.

I have no idea.

The single track to FR4 was awesome. 11 miles of bliss, even climbing the whole time.
The next section of steep hike a bike road was not so fun.
I even put on my hiking shoes we brought (so we could venture into the wilderness).

Riding the wash was fun.

About half a mile from the wilderness boundary we had enough hiking with our bikes.

In case there was any confusion.

Shoe switch

Looking down into White Canyon.

The overgrowth was painful.



Chad said...

When I grow up, I want to be a trail angel. Think of all the mtbers and hikers you would meet on the AZT.

Great post and idea.

Wendler said...

Great Pictures!

Evil Patrick said...

Picketpost is one of the best sections of the AZ Trail that Tracey and I have ridden. Thanks for sharing the pics!

ScottM said...

Well done gents. Those roads, after the trail ends, are something else, eh?

A couple of them left a mark when Lee and I fought our way through there on the first trip. STEEP.

Always love seeing pics of AZT bikepacking.