Monday, February 15, 2010

More 24

It was that time of year again. Epic Rides 25 Hours in the Old Pueblo.
I was fortunate enough to join one of the Cirrus Visual corporate teams.
These guys know how to race and have a good time.

We left Phx in a hurry and rallied our way on some back roads to make it to the venue just before dark. Luckily there was no need to cook as we headed to the Exchange Tent Dinner to honor Stan of Stans No Tubes. Beer, food, friends - we're off to a good start here.

There was also a coloring contest that had to be contended with.

Jill got eclipsed by WTB and their flagrant use of a black crayon.

The rotation, at least in theory.

Back at camp shenanigans begin.

Kyle starts of the day with a beverage.

Gdonk makes a guest appearance. Kyle ices.

Spiker gaps the crowd at the shotgun start.

Warming up.

Flodizzle hits the rock face.

And finally I'm off to do a lap. The rest is kinda a blur.
Lap at 10:30, one hour of sleep and lap 6am.
Strangely enough my times were off by less than a minute.

Team Hosie Cow battled with the Area 51 team all day and ended up with 2nd and Serious Visuals ended up 23rd after some serious visuals by our riders - one broken rider (multiple crashes and stripped naked in the 1st aid tent to remove thorns) and two broken bikes (one by endo and on broken seat post)but we managed to keep it going all night regardless. It was a great time as usual and a huge thanks to Cirrus Visual Communication.

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