Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pater familias

Father's Day. Love it more and more every year.
I am truly a man blessed.

Doing the drop in to this one backwards was key.

The boy was pretty fearless. Might have something to do
with his swimming prowess. Last week was the 1st swim meet of the year and he took
1st in 2 team events and 1st in 2 individual events. A dad is allowed to brag.

We both thoroughly enjoyed this one- like a double free fall.

It started pretty high up and once again I got
the initial drop backwards. Tate got the secondary one backwards.
Good times!

When I was a kid our parents pawned us off on water parks like this
on a fairly regular basis and I can understand why.
All day entertainment with lifeguards and emts and tired kids at the end of the day.
This one is good enough that I'd happily go again.

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