Sunday, June 20, 2010


I spent friday eve cleaning drive trains and lubing up
with the new Dumode Bio Green.
I went green to  offset
hosing all the old smutz into the grass in the backyard.

We stayed up late last night and watched Ride the Divide.
Great movie.
Jill was super impressed by Mary.

I got up early this morning to see how the new lube fared on the John Henry.
I'm really enjoying this bike. The geometry suits me and the adaptability of SS and gears is ideal.
I have only two things I wish were different.
1. I wish I had gotten a bottle mount under the down tube.
2. I wish it has s-bend stays. My heels hit the stays. It was particularly noticeable initially.
 I honestly don't even notice it anymore. It's nice that I can fit a fat tire but I wish the stay were bent.
I applied a little helicopter tape to the stays to keep the paint from rubbing off and all seems well after a few hundred miles.

You can see where iStrike.

Last Wed I did another Wed morning Somo shuttle.
This time is was one long run from the top parking lot
down the road to National to Mormon to Javalina.
 My mojo was gone but I still had a damn fine time.

There are advantages to being on a small travel bike.

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