Monday, March 14, 2011


It was supposed to be simple AZT300 prep but this last trip felt like more.
Normally my legs fight me. They didn't so much.
Normally I overestimate myself. I didn't as much.
Normally I stress about being alone at night in the wilderness. I didn't at all.
It felt like my metal game and my physical game met and agreed to proceed.
But enough about that. On to the photos.

Nothing like being able to ride from the house and get in 100 miles like this.

That little nub in the distance is Tom's Thumb. Climb for the day.

Left the path and hit Reach 11. It was a beautiful day out and time was just sailing along with the miles.

A little brunch break. Sammie and chips.

Hopefully enough energy to get me to the nub er thumb. Despite my better judgment I went in Gateway TH to get to Tom's Thumb. There was a metric shit ton of hikers out but I had not one bad encounter. Things flowed and everyone worked together. It was really nice.

I was going to filter a little sweet spring water but the bees were out in force and dissuaded me.

The last little bit to get up to TT is a mofo.

Switchbacks galore. See the hiker in the straw hat?

Ah, in sight.

Wait, what is that? Royal Robbins?

Heading down looking SE toward Ftn Hills, Mesa

But my route took me down 128th St. Super fun. Wish I had the RIP9.

See? No photos = fun
Looking back up.

Then it was over to Pima and Dynamite for yes, more sammies and chips.

I was a little spent and P&D gave me a nice opportunity to spin it out with a tail wind.

The original idea was to head out to Horseshoe Reservoir and possible the sheep bridge but I was immediately sketched out about the 6 mile road ride down Lake Bartlett Rd and 10+ dirt miles to Horseshoe after all the idiots I saw on the road down. So I opted for the safer bet of down thru Carefree and Cave Creek out to Spur Cross and then the Tonto National Forest.

How can you not want to camp in a place like this?

I slept quite well. Rare for me.

I opted for the fast way home wanting to see my people.
I had a Stans and Cafee abomination rolling around
in my tire for the last 30 miles. Sucked.

I was cutting the day short as it was so I opted to finish with a little additional trail.

And to think I get to do this again next weekend...sweet!

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maadjurguer said...

Nice post....I love it when your mind get's in touch with spending it 'Out There' alone.