Tuesday, March 22, 2011

testing, testing...is this thing on?

with an unprecedented opportunity for another urban overnighter just a week after the last one, gordy and i used it as an opportunity to test out new routes into old ones and new places to camp.

 we left from central phx on friday afternoon and meandered our way to tempe and a stop at gary's house.

then we found some trail and this nice little mountain on which to lay.

the night started out hot and windy but by the early morning hours it cooled nicely and it was a nice morning except for all the pollution in the sky.

after a little grub and coffee in tempe it was time to head over to the mcdowells.

one of my pedals decided to be a pita so we headed over to rage for a new set only to find they were still closed. oh well, might as well suffer. and do some laps on the pump track.

ah, trail.

 after some sweet mc d goodness we decided to beat feet north to a bike shop so i could reverse a tubeless tire i mounted backwards.

the folks a flat tire bike shop in cave creek were nice enough to lend me a stand and an air compressor. they also recommended a nice patio were a nice beer could be had away from the harley hordes.

after libations it was time to head into the tonto nat'l forest for a camp spot.

the moon was unreal for the second night- super bright. in the morning it was a 35 mile sprint home after a little water filtration.

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