Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jury Duty

back in a week or so. and for the record it's $12 a day....

chiggidy check you self befo you riggidy wreck yo self.
some a-hole
hit and run
my wife and son
lucky for you
i am a pacafist
you chikenshitgoodfornothingmistakeofhumanitypussyassmoutherfucker.shallwenevermeetface toface.
lucky for you
my family is ok.
all that matters.
and making you payyoufukcingcoward.
welcome to the (terrordome) land of civilsuits.
hey and we even rode on thu night!


john said...

Glad to hear the family is ok. That's pretty messed up, Yuri. Where did you guys hit on Thursday? The canal that runs through Scottsdale?


Yuri said...

yup, we went to dos gringos in scottsdale and topped off with a bit of casey moore's. too hot for much more than that.