Sunday, July 30, 2006

phoenix rising

rising early as a mofo
well worth it.
john met me at the house at 3am
and we rode the 10 miles
to the trehuggers.
then up the 51 to reach 11
to thompson peak parkway
refuel at bashas
meet the republican
and contemplate john's loose cranks.
hit the trail for 11 miles.
eat some breakfast.
ride home. 64 miles on the day.

welcome to fecal mud

other early morning trail users

refuel time

pruney from my own sweat.
that's just messed up


hamad said...

so is it just that freaking hot out there that you have to ride that early to stay out of the heat?

it's been freaking hot here in cleveland, and there's no way i'm going on an afternoon ride.

Yuri said...

pretty much, tho we lucked out on sat as it wasn't too hot but it sure was humid.

Jason said...

Yuri...any concern about riding in the wee hours of the morning with that jackass serial killer popping random cyclists? I keep meaning to do an early ride around the Baseline/South Mountain area but I'm honestly a little afraid.

Yuri said...

my take is it's more media hype rather than a likely possibility..
i would recommend not riding alone, carrying a celly, .50 cal. and such.
but seriously, i worry more about the cell phone, red light running, road raging moreons i see when i ride my bike. they scare me more than carnies.

Jason said...

You make an excellent point. I just need to get my butt out and ride.