Wednesday, July 12, 2006

road trip

wedding in durango.
seemed like a good time to head for the mts.

the rain outside flag was unreal. folks were going 30 mph or just pulling over.
a perfect recipe for 4H. it was like that much of the way to durnago.

but we made it in time for the rehersal dinner.

we were all a little hazy the next morning. it matched the weather.

but after some bagels and some pool time it was time to ride while naps were had.
colorado trail at junction creek was my destination as i heard it held up well to the rain.

it was pretty sweet and i even saw a juvenile brown bear.

the riding is so different than southern az.

then bomb back down and get cleaned up fer the hitchin

nice wedding humpty

more rain the next day. we decided to let fate be our guide.
fate said to go over ophir pass to telluride.

i didn't stop on the other side of the pass cuz it was gnarly and i was freaked.
the 4runner did it's job tho and we surived.

we found a nice room in telluride a block from the gondola.
free gondola.
my first lift assisted ride.

slippery as a mofo on the ridge trail.
super fun tho.
the meadow trail was more mellow.

and what the hell is this? a grouse?

i coulda done that loop a few more times but i knew naps were about over and
the munchkin wanted to ride the gondola
i like telluride

nuff of the rain. back to az.

the munchkin has been wanting to camp
so we did.

we had a pack of coyotes come pretty close to camp and some rambunctious woodpeckers.
it was good. fate did us right.


Jason G. said...

Dude, your weekends are about 1000 times better than mine. I am so jealous. I was shopping for freaking picture frames and groceries at TJ's this weekend. Wheeee! And now these serial killers have axed the ideas of dusk or dawn rides up South Mountain. Bummer.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the picture of the weedmoose, this adventure would suck. Ha!!! Thanks Yuri. Great stuff. Telluride looks awesome.

Mike said...

Man, NICE looking trip! Loved the photos man. Had me jonesin' for some sweet singletrack and I don't even own a mtb anymore!

I think that was a grouse/partridge.

Great entry,