Thursday, July 05, 2007

eternal vigilance

i'm kinda depressed about the state of our union.
king george and cronies are having their way with this country
and no one cares. as long as they have their shows and shopping
and disposable income, all must be well.
i was talking to a co-worker about these things last week
and she said she doesn't pay attention to current events because it just gets her mad.
i understand what she means on a certain level but unless people get mad,
king george will continue to lie about wmds, mission accomplished, out cia operatives to get back at their spouses for not "playing ball", secret prisons, conduct surveillance on our citizens,
allow halburton and others to fleece our pockets and perpetuate the war, not comply with the constitution, assert they are not part of the executive branch, attempt to appoint idiots to the supreme court, fire attorneys who don't share the neo-con vision, fema - "heckuva job brownie", say, where is osama?, overuse and over deploy our military while cutting veteran's benefits, getting more americans killed than 911, shitting on the environment.
the list goes on.
why don't you care?

taken from johnny

so we celebrated (or lamented) by just riding bikes.

up early

guinea fowl

granada park area

arizona falls

shortly after this shot we had a a run in with
a very angry rent-a-cop that wanted a confrontation.
i think he was disappointed he didn't get it.
we just ignored him. there were no signs saying not
to ride on the new scottsdale waterfront.
maybe he was just mad he had to work.
or maybe he hates king george too.

john rounds out the heads on some screws

hydration was our modus operandi

fake lake

coach loves birds

choco chip scones


ze dirty canal

light rail

under the 51

some things are still right with the world
like big brothers waiting for little sisters


iconoclasst said...

You know, in the past, our so-called "leaders" were always a little reluctant to flex their muscles too far lest, they feared, the people would rise up and demand their impeachment or worse.

This group, in an egregious display of misanthropic cynicism, was the first to just say to hell with rstraint, let's just push the envelope and see how far it gives. Let's test the will of the people. So they pushed. And no one pushed back. Then they pushed some more. Same result. Another push, no response.

Now they've pushed the envelope right off the goddamn scale and guess what? It's become clear to them that the "people", that ostensible collective check on power, obsessed now with their hedge funds and 401Ks and easy motoring and cable teevee and terrorist threats and Starbucks on every corner and immigrant fears and patriotism and celebrity gossip, are completly powerless, mindless, and anti-social. And, what's more, they appear not only to be happy being that way, but to be proud of it! It's all so surreal, this reality we find ourselves in.

Sad state of affairs.

On a much better note, congratulations on the impending birth of your daughter.

Yuri said...

well said mi amigo. well said.