Friday, July 20, 2007

inn az

a few days down in tucson
at the az inn where the wife and i
got married. still one of our favorite hotels.
we drove thru a nice dust storm on our way
down and b-lined it to rosa's.

i got up early
(for vacation) on thursday and rode the cross
bike our to gates pass to see how the knee was feeling.

i ordered up breakfast for the crew and split

on to uofa territory

memory lane

saw some local fauna - donketiussonoras

back to the hotel

off to the pool

dinner at brooklyn pizza for some eggplant pizza
and some garlic knots. grubbin.
then a little ice cream.

we got hammered by a monsoon storm around midnight.

the boy slept thru all the lightening and thunder
and woke up before 6 am.

night rain should = prime trail conditions.
must verify.


the newest in new.
it didn't connect yet so we turned around.
gonna be sweet tho.

g-donk swears that taking off one
shoe and sock blesses the tube changing.

day 3
brown mtn, telegraph, orcutt, cougar, lower then upper brown mtn.
classic tucson mountain park fare.
climbing right outta the gate.

continues to be owned by the animal kindgdom

tortoise ass donkey face

not 5 minutes later we saw another

in search of urban cougars

tire blew off the rim so hard it knocked his shoe and sock off.

we started to run short on time so no pics of the
brown mtn dh. still fun and sketchy.

sammich with your feta?
i heart beyond bread

i stopped on my way back from beyond bread to get
some gatorade at walgreens. i picked-up some saliditos too.
the white skinned lady with a southern accent behind the counter asks,
Her: You like these things? (holding the saladitos)
Me: Love em.
Her: That's funny with me being from Europe and you being white and all.



john said...

Awesome. Fo' rilz.

Sean said...

How is that knee anyway?

Anonymous said...

What was the knee trouble? I'm currently facing a bad case of PF syndrome caused by a drastic muscle imbalance between my outer and inner quads on my right knee. I can average thirty miles a day hiking over steep terrain, but I can't run or bike even a mile without the pain becoming noticeable. I'm going to start accupuncture treatments and weight training in a week or so. I can't stand being off the bike any longer.

YuriB said...

patellar tendinitis/ patellar femoral pain syndrome depending on who you talk to.
i tried acupuncture for a month and didn't really notice a difference.
strengthening, massage therapy and stretching seems to be working as does a return to the bike and style i rode before this happened.
i'm going to check out these guys next week.