Sunday, July 29, 2007

sunrise on sunrise

we went out to the McDowell mountains uber early.
around the mtn was the call of the day.
trying to get the cue sheet for PEE in order.
i hope it makes sense. that was one rough, hot, muggy,
brutal, fun ride in just 26 miles.
we were all a little punchy by the end.
no way is a cross bike good for the race.

it was early - this is a 10 second shutter speed

up sunrise

sunrise TH

jeep road

huck it

dixie mine to coachwhip to windgate

finally, the top of windgate pass
looking east toward 4 peaks

down windgate



Sean said...


Of all the things I miss from the 'nix you can keep that crazy early morning shit.

gnome said...

looks like a good one. g

devin said...

Did you start at trail 100? where is the tunnel? have fun with the pee...

YuriB said...

started at bell and thompson peak parkway. tunnel is under a road in some scottsdale hood.

Enel said...

Love Sunrise. Need to leanr the Dixie mine to Wingate section