Sunday, November 11, 2007

bicycle built for two

we took the tandem out for a shakedown ride.
my wife's first ride in almost two years.
funny how that is. a guy like me and a wife that doesn't ride.
but hey, it's all good.
she needs some gear tho. kinda fred looking.
course we were both lookin like freds on our hybrid tandem.
but that shit doesn't matter.
it was awesome out and we shared a great ride.
i hope just the 1st of many.

17 miles. not too shabby for a lady that gave birth to
the cutest munchkin a mere 6 weeks ago.

1 comment:

Enel said...

Congrats on kiddo #2

I can relate to the non-riding wife thing.

Tandems are in the future, but mainly because of kiddos. One rides and I can get at least two more out on a ride with tandem + trail-a-bike.