Monday, November 19, 2007


The 1st PEE is in the books.
Results here.
13 starters I believe and 9 finishers.
One cracked frame.
Lots of flats.
A nice day for a ride.

Everyone pees before the start.

Dave also indicates this is the 1st PEE
with Jason, Dara, Chris, Craig and Troy in tow.

The last flight of the fetish.

Dusty Bottoms

My ear and Troy

I bailed after Sunset due to cramps and
needing to get the house open and beer accessible.
Ran into Coach and Hammah.

Dave, Brian and Scott

Chad and Craig


A blurry Dara

Chris throws down a barricade for Troy

Late night Boccie with Elvis and John
while we cooked the awesome ribs
Troy and Dara left us.

It was a good time with post grub and drinks.
An excellent group of folks with the right mentality.
Makes me want to do it again next year.
Thanks to all for coming and making it a great time.


Dave said...

You are most welcome.


Chad Brown said...


Dave said...

You da man!!!!!!!!!

Good work (again) on that course!

Sean said...

Fetish...Isn't that Yiddish for break?

chollaball said...

i have today used the term yurination in a sentence, as to mean stringing together ridiculously local sections of knowledge to avoid cars and have a great ride.

"i attempted to get from point A to point B via yurination, and avoid near-death on Deadly Road C". Thanks again for a great day!