Thursday, November 08, 2007

give me a sign

i gave my two week notice at work yesterday.
i was conflicted but i think i made the right decision.
eh, time for a ride to clear out my head.
mid-afternoon on a wednesday seemed as good of a time as any.
too bad it was 90 out. beats workin tho.

the 1st sign was confusing

the 2nd was a little judgmental

the 3rd was like christmas future

time for some cathartic climbing

i didn't even notice my pump handle until i was
almost done riding.

my reba is leaking

kewl rocks

the last sign made me rush home
put on my foil hat and eat olestra chips.


devin said...

whats next?? Good luck...

iconoclaSSt said...

If they can't jump high, they can't get in his lifted truck (essentially: No Fat Chicks!), I suppose.

Seven days of prayer makes one's mind weak, ha.

Nice pix. Quit your job?...very cool, how long is your break?

YuriB said...

I'm attempting to leave the public sector for the private but they are
making it hard for me to do so.
Apparently I'm valued or something.
If all goes according to plan I'll have but a week off in-between. Perfect for lots of riding!

P.S. $5 says they guys with the lifted trucks have big old guts...

ERic said...

$10 says the guy with the big truck lifts fat girls into it anyway...took me 12 years so escape the public move!