Sunday, December 23, 2007


The Black Canyon Trail
has been in the
works for some time now.
For some reason or another
it wasn't until today that
I made it out there. John too.
We intended to do a 28ish mile
ride but we missed the connector
at the top of pan loop and didn't feel
like backtracking a few miles and time was short
anyways. Sweet trail. Despite road and moto trail crossings
it has a very remote feel to it. Gonna have to go back and ride
the whole enchilada to Black Canyon City sometime in the near future.
Good spot to play white trash, camp and ride in the morning.

Agua Fria River

Up next John will turn water into wine.

Tell me this Saguaro isn't chillin


It could be a purty spring.

some pics from john


Sean said...

Cool man, BCT kicks ass. I wish I had ridden there more. Interesting to see it with water in the Agua Fria.

YuriB said...

The BCT does indeed kick ass!
I didn't expect to like it so much.

devin said...

Helmet camera with remote trigger..
That would be sweet? Lokks like you boys are having a good winter. enjoy!!

devin said...

One of the guys at work shot it for a
class project.. nice to show the trials. Go fast and have fun. Great time of year..