Sunday, December 16, 2007

plan b

I got up at 5am intent on
getting up to sedona to ride with
(follow their tracks at a distance)
chad, max and dave.

no such luck. i-17 was closed at carefree hwy.
the detour was via wickenburg.
i don't think so.

so i made a u-turn and headed over
to south mtn to ride national.

at the startof national
i ran into ricard, perry and others.
they had a nice social pace
and took time to session the technical ups.

new feature courtesy of the recent rains

i learned some new lines. it was good.
i hung out until just below the towers where
they headed back down national.
i figured on at least telegraph pass
but still wanted more at that point.

so i continued on nat'l until ranger.
fun trail.
short trail.

back up the road to buena vista and back down national.

i think i saw brian passing us on national
and dara on the road up national. other folks
taking advantage of an awesome morning.

1 comment:

Chad Brown said...

Did you see me from the top of the saddle of cow pies?

Sucks about the traffic. You riding next week with xmas and all?