Wednesday, October 15, 2008

pee and other filth

A few more details on 2008 Pee can be found here.
I'd like to make it a different event each year. This year I opted with the obvious cross bike century. I expect a smaller turnout as many people:
a)don't have cross bikes
b) hate canals
c) are wondering, wtf mate?

To that end I better get my ass into shape and what better way than a century off the couch? You can even do a RUSA sanctioned brevet if'n yer feeling frisky. Me? I'm wondering what the hell to ride. Cross bike or commuter?
Those choices makes we really want a road bike but alas it is not in cards. Wish I had one I could demo for a couple of months....write a report on. Subtle enough?
At any rate it was a sweet commute in on Monday.
53 when I left my house.

Saw this in Rancho Solano, a rather expensive hood.

Reserved parking.

Why does it smell like livestock in here?

Time to go home.

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