Monday, November 10, 2008

bike dudes

Coach and I went out to see about a newly paved section of our loop from the AZ canal to South on the Agua Fria out by Sun City (aka. the waiting room for death - such a strange place).
The weather was awesome and the ride was pretty good too.
Ultimately there will be some link to Tres Rios and maybe some day, the Rio Salado paths on the Salt River - Maricopa Trail. That will make for one sweet addition to the Sun Circle Trail or at least our version of it. 300 miles in a major urban area with minimal traffic interaction. Awesome.

Nice sunrise.

One of my favorite off grid connectors. This one links the AZ Canal and the path along the Agua Fri by the 101.

So slippery its like riding on ice.

The new stuff with the Estrellas in the backgound.

Stans is great but it doesn't always work.

Clearly you get better MPG with beer and cycling.

Bike dudes.


john said...

Nice tally on the receipt!

YuriB said...

Also seen, "John and friends".

m e l i g r o s a said...

wow, that wheel on ice picture is gorgeous!!!
this post makes me excited to look (fast) forward into the weekend :)

Jacob said...

cool pictures

Enel said...

How are you preventing flats on the CX?

I'm having issues lately:(

YuriB said...

Stans in the tubes (file down the treads, screw off the nut and drop and catch the stem and inject Stans method). Normally works great but parts of the Grand Canal have lots of glass....

Electric Bikes UK said...

Nice pics