Sunday, November 02, 2008


Each year the Bullshifters host the Heart of Arizona century and a RUSA sanctioned brevet out of Conress, AZ. This is also where they man a time station for RAAM.
I've wanted to do this one for a few years as I've never really spent any time in this part of AZ. Der hammah reminded me of it this year and we rode together. Much better than fighting the wind alone on my last century.

It was a great ride - nice flow, good suffering, well stocked rest stops, friendly folks and great scenery. I highly recommend it.

Registration and grub.

Off we go on our 25lb cross bikes!

The 1st 20 miles was downhill and we were at aid station #1 in no time.
We wondered if we were going too fast.

If we were going fast, so was everyone else. There was a big group at the aid station and the 1st big climb out of 3or4 was right after that.

There was a nice long climb between station 2 and 3 that did a few folks in.
There was also a gent handing out ice cold water half way up. I saw him say something to the rider in front of me and hand him something. I thought it was beer. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little disappointed it wasn't beer.

At mile 80-something you turn and climb 14 miles to Yarnell. We were lucky enough to also encounter a headwind. I found my happy place.

I took lots of pics b/c I was moving really slow.

Power to the Peeples.

The beauty of Yarnell is that from there is just a 6 mile ripping downhill to Congress.

I didn't really take any pics on the way down.

Looking back at Yarnell Hill.

Back at the finish it was time for burgers.

Wickenburg on the way back.

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