Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ghetto supastar

Truth is, parts of my commute are straight ghetto.
It doesn't cause me trouble other than glass in the path and I attribute that mostly to the drunks and huffers.
I think tagging is for jackasses and one of the lowest forms of communication.
I appreciate good graffiti art.
I need more art on my route.

But first a pic I like from the last ThNR.

Back to your regularly scheduled ghetto commute.

It's cold and dark in the mornings now.

The view of the sunrise out of the elevator was nice.

A cold morning ride in Nov. usually means a beautiful afternoon ride.
Today was no exception. I chatted with another cyclist as we waited for a left turn and
remarked on the weather.

There was a giant series of these RR Co. trucks, buses and earth movers.

Some drilling right next to backyards. Note the sound barriers.

Rental fail.
Unless you just rent to the Evil Side.

I never see the tagging but today the canal was filled with folks off to the side reaching for various levels of inebreation by various methods.
After a nice 40+ miles I decide to do the same.
I did resist the nudie mags. This time.

Did I mention my local liquor store keeps a case of this stuff in the back for me?

The ghetto ain't all bad.

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