Wednesday, November 11, 2009

nov new bike rides

On Sat I joined Devo and Ben on South mtn.

Saw this guy at 7am rollin on a phat cruiser.

The climb up was nice but both Devo and I remarked on the
shitty quality of the air. As we crested the ridge to descend Viejo the reason for
our lung issues was clear. Air quality may be the worst part about Phoenix.

"This is what your lungs look like"

The RIP 9 was a revelation on Viejo and I only had 2.2 tires on.
Ben still held his own on his HT SS.

A day or two later it was time for a quick Shaw Butte ride to see how it was on the 30 lb beast.
I made it sans dabs but it wasn't pretty.

This is how she chills.

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